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Registry Compliance 4.3 for Windows Now Available-->

ProtectMiChild Registry expands to keep children safe from adult ads on social media Fox 17, Scripps Media | Nov 19, 2021
Registry Compliance 4.3 for Windows Now Available Technical Announcement | Jul 11, 2019
Version 4.3 of the Registry Compliance application for windows is now available Download Now
Jul 11, 2019 Technical Announcement
Version 4.3 of the Registry Compliance application for windows is now available Download Now
Colorado High School Sexting Scandal KUTV | Nov 15, 2015

Do you talk to your children about their long-term risks of using technology inappropriately? Sometimes our children have a hard time understanding that the picture they send isn't between them and the intended recipient. That whatever picture they send once pushed out is no longer under their control.

In the article linked below kids at a Colorado High School have found themselves facing lifelong consequences. Please take the time to share this article with your children and help them to understand that there are real world consequences for their actions when using their cell phones.

For parental control information on devices and information about apps kids are using download our e-book, become informed and work to empower your youth to respect the privilege of technology and to understand the risks involved.

Colorado School Sexting Scandal Read Here

Parental e-Book Online Safety Resource
Registry protects phone numbers, email from adult-oriented marketing Cache Valley Daily | Apr 8, 2013
Cache Valley Daily spotlights Utah Child Protection Registry.
Registry keeps kids from receiving adult ads on cell phones Daily Herald | Mar 7, 2011
Parents use controls to keep children from watching adult programs on television and now those same controls are available for children's cell phones, e-mail and more.

The Utah Child Protection Registry is a free program that allows parents to stop adult-oriented solicitations from being sent to their children's inboxes.
Program that protects kids from online porn broadens reach Deseret News | Jul 14, 2010
The free program, dubbed the Utah Child Protection Registry, also known as the Do-Not-Contact List, was created by the state Legislature in 2004 and implemented in July 2005. People add their e-mail addresses and phone numbers to the list to prohibit companies from sending them adult-oriented advertisements.

Paul Murphy, spokesman for the Utah Attorney General's office, said the registry fulfills an important need. Murphy's office oversees the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and he said he believes the registry is effective.
Judge Upholds Utah's Child Protection Registry Connect2Utah.com | Oct 6, 2009
U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the pornography industry challenging the legality of Utah's child protection registry.

The state's registry prohibits the porn industry from contacting children through e-mail or text messages when they or their parents register their contact information on a state Web site.

Lawsuit Dismissed That Sought To Block Utah Child Protection Registry Deseret News | Oct 5, 2009
A lawsuit intended to prohibit an online registry that blocks adult-themed messages from e-mails and cell phones was dismissed Monday, making Utah now one of two states allowing that service.

Despite the ongoing legislation, the list has been operational since its launch in 2005 after another judge denied a 2007 motion to stop the site's use and the court denied an earlier motion to dismiss. Murphy said this latest development was a result of those in the pornography industry "realizing it was a losing battle" and deciding "it wasn't worth fighting anymore."
Child Protection Registry Lawsuit Dismissed Salt Lake Tribune | Oct 5, 2009
A lawsuit filed against a registry that blocks pornographic e-mails and texts from going to children has been dropped.

The Free Speech Coalition, which consists of members of the adult-entertainment industry, sued the state in 2005 for violation of free speech after the Legislature created the Utah Child Protection Registry. The Web site allows users to enter phone numbers and e-mail addresses into a do-not-call type of service. Companies that advertise pornography, alcohol, illegal drugs tobacco and gambling are required to screen their messages against the list and remove anyone registered.

"So many states have been waiting for the outcome of this lawsuit, and now I think you're going to see many other states creating such sites," said Paul Murphy, spokesman for the Utah Attorney General's Office.

AG's Office Wins Fight Against Porn Industry KSL.com | Oct 5, 2009
SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah has won the battle to keep the porn industry from contacting children through e-mail or text messages.

The Child Protection Registry at www.donotcontact.utah.gov is similar to the do-not-call list and can be used for children or anyone who does not want to receive adult-oriented messages. More than 340,000 Utahns have signed up for the free service to block their addresses. Schools are also using the registry to stop inappropriate messages from reaching students.